Our Story

Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. started with the hopes of achieving a dream: owning and operating a successful restaurant that serves the food we know and love to a community we know and love – that's you, D.C.!

We were born and raised in  the Southern tradition, so Mason Dixie is a symbol of our past, present and future. We remember eating comforting Southern meals with our families and loving every minute: from cooking, to setting the table, to eating, to watching the day turn into night without feeling a minute pass, preoccupied with friends, family, and full bellies. We miss that slow pace of life that accompanied biscuits and fried chicken on the dinner table.

Today, we look to recreate that moment in time for you, using the skills and knowledge we've gained throughout our professional careers. We hope to be that iconic place to which people who frequent our restaurant today will take their children tomorrow, and one day even their grandchildren.



The Team


JASON GEHRING – Executive Chef

Jason is our secret weapon...okay, maybe not so secret. He's a RAMMY-nominated Pastry Chef of the Year who's excelled in the DC culinary scene for years.

As opening chef for Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, he brings a wealth of experience in pastry+savory and fresh, casual restaurant operations. You can find him covered in tattoos and flour on any given day.


ROSS PERKINS – Director of Operations

Meet Ross, also known as our "Director of Making Things Happen."

He is a real Southerner - hailing from Lafayette, LA - with a background in finance and operations. Ross started a gourmet nut brand, launched a bagel startup, and worked in food tech before joining Mason Dixie.

Ask him about where to dine and drink - he's a freelance writer who's always got the scoop!



The oil that keeps Mason Dixie Biscuits rolling!  With 10+ years experience in Marketing, Hospitality, and Management, Ayeshah's business sense earns her the title of Chief Executive Officer.  

She's also very well-connected with the DC community and is probably the reason you're reading this right now.

See what makes Ayeshah tick.


Our Family



Golden Angels Apiary, VA
Hummingbird Farms, MD
Murray’s Farm, MD
Path Valley Farms, PA
Tuscarora Co-Op, VA
Lancaster Farms Fresh, PA
Trickling Springs Creamery, PA
Fresh Link, VA
Bounty Hill Farms, MD
Black Rock Orchard, MD


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