Our Values


At Mason Dixie, we believe that everything should be made from scratch. Our company, our people, our food - all made from everything that is wholesome and good. That is why we standby a promise and commitment to these tenets of our brand:


Our entire company was built on the premise that good things are worth fighting and waiting for. Growing up in Baltimore in a blue collar neighborhood, Ayeshah was surrounded by hard-working people, including her parents, who pushed her to try hard and do the very best to do good by her family and community. It was this drive for better that inspired her to start Mason Dixie and it is also the same spirit that every team member at Mason Dixie lives by.


Julia Child once said “Life is too short for fake butter or fake people” - and we don’t stand for either! We stand by our dedication to real ingredients with no artificial anything; to real technique rooted in old-fashioned, manual cooking; and to real people who care about our products and our customers, all while being themselves.


To be authentic, you must be transparent. We strive to source only the highest quality, local ingredients whenever possible because we believe that the best ingredients come from what’s in your backyard. That is why we are able to use fresh, preservative-free ingredients and why you will never see preservatives in our products.


To us, quality is synonymous with taste and in order to ensure the best tasting food possible, we adhere to strict quality standards. However, a commitment to naturally made products does lead to challenges. That is why we are committed to hearing from you - our customers - as our boots on the ground keeping us honest. It’s because of you we exist, and it’s because of you that we will succeed.


As a minority woman chasing after the American Dream, Ayeshah is committed to supporting the advancement of people and causes near and dear to her, including promoting women-owned businesses. As a certified woman-owned business, we are paving the way for more women to change the way America does business, in our case, one biscuit at a time.